How Can I Tell If I Have Hypertension?

High blood pressure occurs when there is an excessive force applied to the walls of your arteries. When blood is pumped rapidly through your body, it pushes up your blood pressure and causes your heart to work harder. If you have a large amount of force behind each pump the result can be a surge in your blood pressure. While this can temporarily increase your reading, over time it can lead to serious health problems.

Why Chronic High Blood Pressure Is So Dangerous – Health Essentials from  Cleveland Clinic

To find out if you have high blood pressure, you should consult with your doctor and schedule a routine checkup. Your doctor will check for heart conditions, kidney conditions, cholesterol levels and other health concerns. Sometimes the readings on your initial visit can be wrong and cause your doctor concern. Some people tend to do better at checking their blood pressure every time they have a checkup. Others may have to schedule more frequent checks in order to get accurate readings. A doctor can also help you learn more about how to control your hypertension.

Lifestyle changes can also help prevent hypertension benh cao huyet ap. For example, if you smoke, then you should quit smoking. Smoking is known to have adverse affects on your health, including high blood pressure. Regular exercise and a low-salt diet can also help lower your numbers. In addition, certain lifestyle changes can also help to reduce blood pressure.

Symptoms of hypertension include headaches, weakness, dizziness, blurry vision, fatigue and problems with breathing. Although many of these symptoms are similar to those of ordinary headaches, they are a sign of hypertension. Another symptom is night sweats, a state of extreme exhaustion. If you experience any of these symptoms, then you probably have normal blood pressure, especially if you do not have other serious medical conditions. However, if you experience any of these symptoms for longer than a week, then you probably have hypertension and should talk to your doctor about testing.

Hypertension is known as the silent killer because it can cause so much damage to your body. It can lead to a stroke, heart attack or even kidney failure. Hypertension is actually a condition that you can keep from getting worse, but you need to make sure that you are taking your medications on time, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. There are also several lifestyle changes that can help to prevent hypertension, including avoiding tobacco use and maintaining a healthy weight. Lifestyle changes alone will not prevent serious damage, but they can go a long way towards keeping your health in good shape.

Since your lifestyle changes can prevent serious damage from occurring, your doctors may consider lowering your levels slowly. Your blood pressure can go up to a point where you will need more potent medication. Your physician can talk to you about ways that you can reduce your high blood pressure without medicines. For example, you can start by drinking less alcohol. If you want to lower your levels even more, then your doctor might recommend dietary changes or other natural alternatives to treat hypertension.

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