Modern Chairs – Bring a Quirky Edge to Your Interior

Looking around at the furniture market today it is obvious that there is an abundance of styles and designs available. Perhaps not so obvious is what colours and shapes will suit or look the best in our homes. Contemporary furniture is an exciting and fun option that can bring out the quirky side of your interior. Modern chairs are a great starting point, their versatility in being able to slot into the majority of rooms in your home makes them an easy first time buy for anyone! This article hopes to take you through some of the best contemporary chairs on offer discussing shapes, materials and where to situate them in your home.

Let us start with what most people associate with contemporary seating; thought provoking shapes and vibrant colours. These can provide a burst of colour to areas of your home you never thought possible ghế bệt. Plastics, in particular acrylic is a popular material used in modern chairs due to it being easily mouldable and durable. Eero Aarnio’s ball and bubble chairs are a prime example of this; the way in which plastic is used to encapsulate the user in a cocoon-like surrounding, whilst simultaneously dampening outside sounds and amplifying inner ones, gives the user an individual seating experience. Acrylics are also used to construct extravert shapes that would be extremely difficult when using other materials. Silhouettes consisting of swirls, S shapes and sharp curves are dominant features of plastic chairs and will look amazing in most interiors aspiring towards a modern vibe. Their freestanding ability allows them to appear as if they are almost floating in the air, a feature that is unique to acrylic contemporary seating.

Fun shapes also come in the form of chairs centred on a solid chrome or stainless steel base with wool upholstery being common. Modern chairs in this category are available in an abundance of colours and designs ranging from bright red tulips to white studded lazy chairs. These and everything in between can be situated in your lounge, bedroom and even office!

If you are looking for chairs with slightly more modern finesse, why not delve into the luxurious Italian realm. The price bracket in this category is considerably higher, but what you pay for is certainly reflected in the amazing quality and gorgeous designs. Chairs in this division commonly feature sumptuous leather upholstery and deep button detailing. Exquisite woods such as cherry and beech are often hand crafted to build pieces of furniture that are truly stunning. These are best situated as a centre piece in the lounge and will be greatly appreciated by all your guests!

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