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Landscaping & maintenance are a big industry, providing services for many years, and a lot of them are out to make quick money. Many landscaping companies have less than adequate credentials when it comes to their background & experience. They may not have much knowledge about rain gardens, driveway options, tree removal or even basic landscaping tools. This makes the average client look to a landscaping services company for help.

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Landscaping & maintenance services can be purchased in either a number of packages or individually. Some packages include some basic landscaping services like paving, flower beds, trees, shrubs and grass. Other packages cover more specific topics such as decks, patios, pools, fountains, rock walls, driveways, & stone pavers. The individual services are usually very reasonable, considering they’re being done for a home that’s not expected to be always occupied. The services can be an add-on service that’s requested during a general landscaping design, or they can be required right out of the gate when a new home is being built.

Landscaping & maintenance services should be inspected by your homeowner’s association (HOA) several times over the course of the year. These inspections should include things like leaks around window ledges, yard cracks, potholes, & minor landscaping problems. Your yearly inspections are important to the future resale value of your property. Homeowners associations usually require these inspections to ensure the quality of the landscaping, safety of visitors & the overall quality of the neighborhood Landscaping & Maintenance Services.

Landscaping & maintenance services can be provided by a number of different contractors. A landscape contractor is someone who works on residential properties exclusively. Landscape services tend to be more expensive than most service categories, due to the degree of work that must be done. Landscaping companies specialize in one thing ensuring the highest quality of the customer’s landscape. Many landscape companies offer both indoor & outdoor landscaping services. Some specialize only in one or the other, while others will offer a full range of services for all types of landscapes.

Landscaping & maintenance services are not usually covered by homeowners insurance. Professional liability and professional building inspections are required before any warranty can be awarded. However, some homeowners’ insurance policies may cover these services up to a certain point. In some cases, the warranty may cover only a specified percentage of the cost of the project, which should be discussed in advance with your insurance agent.

Landscaping & maintenance services can take a substantial amount of time, especially in larger, more complicated projects. There are many factors that need to be considered before deciding which landscaping services are best for your needs. Your budget is just one of many things to consider. Landscaping companies will work with you to ensure that your landscape fits within your budget and appeals to your overall sense of style. They can design and build your landscape from the ground up, taking into consideration the needs of your family and home as well as the space they have to work with.

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