Basic Hearing Treatment

A person doesn’t put much thought about their sense of hearing believing it will stay with them until the end. Unfortunately, people can lose their hearing and a person doesn’t even have to be well advanced in years. It is of prime importance then to check out the causes and reasons that cause hearing disorders and how these could be treated.

When it comes to birth defects, hearing loss is not a stranger as every three babies have it out of every 1,000 babies. Adults can get hearing loss, but not only them as children and even babies can get them too. Just because a person is born normal, he or she can still get it from sustaining head injuries or a person’s genetics.

A lot of people lose their sense of hearing from being exposed to loud environmental sounds. Construction sites or demolitions that uses hammers, drills, jackhammers all are examples of things that produce very loud noises. Other damaging environmental noise includes car stereos, power tools, gun use and even the use of hair dryers.

Hearing impairment, depending on the form, can often times be treated with the use of hearing aids. Determining what type of hearing aid may be a little complicated as there are many different types available. Hearing aids in synapse xt general are simply amplifiers of sound to the person wearing it.

A hearing aid is usually categorized by where the electro acoustic apparatus is worn. Hearing aids made to be worn just behind the ear, consisting of a case, tube and ear molds are what is commonly called as BTE. While some hearing aids can be damaged by moisture and earwax, BTE aids cannot as it is placed outside the ear and only the ear mold is at risk.

A person can go for what is called a bionic ear which is basically an implant that replaces your cochlea. The bionic ear is implanted underneath the scalp area just behind the ear of the person. The implant works just like our natural cochlea in that it collects, funnels, converts and transmits surrounding sound to the brain.

The cochlear implant’s most important parts are the microphone, speech processor, transmitter, receiver, stimulator and electrodes. These implants cost an arm and a leg and are only provided for in medical centers in developed countries around the world. Even if you have the dough to shell out for such an operation, you still need to qualify for it as there are certain requirements that are checked with regards to hearing history, health status, age and so forth.

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