Managing Images in Web Development

Images are an important ingredient of web content. Since developers have little control over the display of website, they need to follow some norms to ensure perfect display of images on the target device. The prescribed standard of managing images while developing web pages are as follows:

Managing Colors and Background Images

The specifications are there for using colors and image in the background to assure a successful display. The recommendations are as follows:

1. Developers need to use RGB specifications to darknet links derive document colors. Then, they can use any legal markup for deciding color of document.

2. There should be strong contrast in colors of background and texts. To conform to W3C’s accessibility guidelines dark-on-light or light-on-dark should be avoided. The preferred contrast should have text colors on corresponding background colors. Such contrasts enable color blind viewers to see clearly. It also meets requirements to cater for monochrome displays.

3. If images are used as background, they are recommended to be small and to be color akin to one of the specified background colors.

4. Avoiding eye-catching images on background of textual information is highly recommended.

Managing Images

Insertion of image in content, sometimes, is essential for completeness of documentation. Sometimes, it makes a web content very much catchy. But there are norms for using images while developing websites.

1. Images can be complementary to textual content, but they should not be substitutes for the later. For example, diagrams, graphs and geographic maps are appropriately complementary to textual descriptions, while, in contrast, content of decorated texts and imagery of maps are used to decipher the actual message of the text in the most inappropriate manner.

2. To conform to W3C’s guidelines for ensuring accessibility of web for all, every image should have alternative textual description.

3. Alternative texts to describe hyperlinks have the same syntax as that of the images. The alternative texts should be descriptive enough to convey why the link has been built. W3C recommended guidelines with respect to accessibility of web for all suggests brief description of the links in such texts. They have also appreciated texts alternative to “Search”, “Home”, “Previous” and “Next”. While they have denounced alternative texts for “Binocular Icon”, “Home Icon”, or “Back to utopia Homepage”.

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