Choose Wisely – Look Great With an Eye Cream

You’ve heard it before: “The best skincare products are the ones that do nothing other than help your skin.” Cut back on the guessing and follow this dermatologists-backed advice for selecting your ideal skincare products. Unless you’ve got a doctorate in molecular biology or a heavy background in Latin, reading the ingredients list on skincare products can be like studying a foreign language. But with a few basic rules, you can learn the vocabulary of skincare terminology and put yourself in a better position to choose skincare products that will work best for your skin.

When we talk about skincare products, the first thing we look for are cleansers and moisturizers. Common ingredients found in skincare products are parabens, sulfates, alcohols, fragrances, mineral oil and phthalates. All are drying. Parabens are an ingredient found in embrocadoes and has been linked to cancer formation, so stay away from products that list this ingredient. Alcohols dries out the skin. Fragrances and phthalates interfere with the body’s natural hormone production and may result in birth defects.

Another popular ingredient in skincare products are sunscreen agents. Some sunscreens are better than others The best sunscreens are those that contain no harmful chemicals, but some are harmful even under certain conditions. It’s important to read the label of ingredients to make sure you’re not allergic to any sunscreen agent. Avoiding these sunscreens results in less skin exposure.

Other common ingredients in skincare products are moisturizers, lotions and makeup. Many cosmetics contain ingredients like petrolatum, which doesn’t breathe. Lotions and creams are greasy. Lotion is too dense to be absorbed by the pores. Cosmetics made from natural ingredients provide nourishment, which improves the skin’s health. Natural ingredients are also safer for you to use, even during pregnancy.

There’s a saying, “You get what you pay for,” but I think this saying applies more truthfully to skincare products: You get what you don’t shop for! Skincare companies often use synthetic ingredients, but they use them anyway, because they are cheaper. You pay for the convenience of the product, not for the quality of the ingredients. When you shop wisely, you can find products that are high-quality but that won’t break the bank. You’ll be happy that you did, because you’ll look good, and you’ll save money as well.

If you want the best moisturizer, you should find a company that makes both deep and light creams. Look for a brand name that includes ingredients such as Active Manuka Honey, Babassu, and Phytessence Wakame. Active Manuka Honey is rich in antioxidants, and it moisturizes deep beneath the skin, while Babassu is a natural wax that softens and evens wrinkles. Phytessence Wakame extracts moisturize the surface, while replenishing the moisture that’s already there.

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