Tips For Leveling Your Hunter in WoW

When it comes to the best tips for leveling your hunter in WoW most will tell you to use a Beast Mastery talent build because you basically have a tank in your pet to keep everything off of you while fighting.

This is probably true but you can actually level a hunter in WoW relatively quickly in any of the three available talent builds.

Using your pet to grab the attention of your target is going to be key in whatever specialization you decide to play. Learning how to “kite” targets is also a skill that must be developed for any hunter to be proficient aside from leveling quickly.

This involves backing up while using your traps and skills like disengage to keep distance between you and the enemy. A hunter must 토토사이트 maintain distance in order to keep using their ranged weapon. Although you do have the ability to fight with weapons like swords and daggers, they are not nearly as effective as your ranged weapon.

Another great tip for leveling your hunter in WoW is making sure you are questing in the right zone and doing the right quests to maximize the amount of experience you are gaining for the time spent playing.

There are tools we will talk about that can help achieve this goal.

A few basic things to help you level fast with any toon in World of Warcraft.

1. Get bags as early as possible. Wasting time continually unloading bags will slow down leveling tremendously and you can usually pick up even small bags relatively cheap.

2. Battlegrounds may be fun but they are not effective for leveling fast. The hunter class is completely over powered in low level battlegrounds and it is easy to get trapped into having fun while wasting a ton of valuable leveling time. You do not get good experience in Battlegrounds.

Questing is and has always been the very fastest way to level a hunter or any other toon in World of Warcraft as it was designed this way by Blizzard to get players involved in the story lines of the game.

As discussed earlier, there are some really good in game addon guides that are the best tip for leveling a toon in WoW that players have been using for years to help them power level any Horde or Alliance toon.

These questing guides are the best way to level a hunter in the shortest time possible.

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