Hexagonal Water – Benefits of Hexagonal Water by the Vitalizer Plus

Hexagonal water has been hailed by some as an amazing anti-aging revolution because of the scientific findings that the amount of hexagonal water decreases as we age. Recent research further supports this notion because when biological molecules are found in unstructured water, they have a decreased ability to perform their intended functions. Therefore hexagonal water seems to be more supportive of biological functions and as a result more beneficial for the human body.

Water by nature contains a certain percentage of hexagonal H2O unit clusters, but the amount of hexagonal units in any source of water depends on the mineral, motional and energetic forces influencing and acting upon the water. The Vitalizer Plus is a machine that generates hexagonal water molecules for drinking and use at home.

When I first began to drink hexagonal water from the Vitalizer Plus machine it felt pretty much like regular water, a little smoother and personally a little better tasting for me but in essence it feels like regular bottled water. I was drinking the water for about a month and when I went to my doctor for a regular check-up I was surprised to learn that my cholesterol had dropped from 240 to 200. All I had done differently since my previous cholesterol reading was drink the hexagonal water because other than that I didn’t really change any of my habits nor had any life-altering events.

Since drinking the water I have also lost about 20 pounds. My cholesterol is still down and I’m still drinking the water every morning. Now I am all the more motivated to start living healthy and so I’ve started eating healthy, cooking with Vitalflow less fats and sugars and eating more fruits. Drinking hexagonal water was my epiphany and now I’m living a lifestyle my friends are all jealous of, and it all started with the boost in health I received from the hexagonal water!

Research has shown that hexagonally structured water is able to protect cells from toxin accumulation, whereas unhealthy cells surrounded by unstructured and easily penetrable water molecules are easily attacked by toxins. This might explain the protective properties of hexagonal water for the human body, and why many people report a stronger immune system and reduced colds and diseases after drinking the water.

My experience with this water from the Vitalizer Plus has been very positive and extremely encouraging. Its one of those things that I’m very happy I tried. When you think about it, water is actually one of the most important ingredients for proper functioning of the human body, our bodies are mostly water and water is an absolute necessity for our survival and healthy well being. Water plays a vital role throughout the body, metabolism, organ functions, purity, cleansing, energy and much more and I am thankful and grateful for this experience!

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