Pizza Delivery – 44 Years On For Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza was founded in 1960 by a man called Tom Monaghan whose ambition was to open three pizza delivery stores. Not many people will know that the three dots on the Domino’s logo represent the three stores that were originally due to open.

Tom Monaghan and his brother, James, bought DomiNick’s, a small independent pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The business was bought with a 75 dollar down payment; the brothers then borrowed a further $500 to buy out the store. A short time later, James traded in his share of the business to Tom for a second-hand Volkswagen Beetle car, probably a deal he went on to later regret. Now as the outright owner of the business, Tom Monaghan renamed the business Domino’s Pizza, Inc.

Despite the ups and downs Tom Managhan managed to make a success of his new business which grew into a success that he could only have dreamed of. In 1967, the very first Domino’s Pizza franchise store opened in Ypsilanti. It was also originally planned to add a new dot after the addition of every new store, however this idea quickly changed as Domino’s experienced huge growth making the idea unrealistic.

In 1975 Domino’s Pizza faced were issued with a lawsuit by Amstar Corporation, the maker of Domino Sugar, accusing Domino’s of trademark infringement and unfair competition, however in May 2, 1980 after 5 long years, the federal appeal Judi Online court found in favour of Domino’s Pizza. On May 12, 1983, Domino’s opened its very first overseas store, in Winnipeg, Canada. In the same year, they hit the milestone of one thousand stores in total; in 1995 Domino’s had 1,000 international outlets and had opened 1,500 by 1997.

As a result of its own success, Domino’s Pizza has made business success a possibility for thousands of other like-minded people too. By franchising Domino’s pizza delivery model to enthusiastic entrepreneurs, they have become a world leader in pizza delivery service and one of the most successful franchise businesses in the world. The pizza delivery service is a highly competitive market with the likes of Pizza Hut and other smaller organisations competing for business, Domino’s keeps ahead of the game with their aggressive marketing campaigns helped with online affiliate marketing

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