Backpack Vacuums – Most Portable Cleaning System Around

Just like the men with weed whackers on the outside of buildings taking care of the grounds, the men with backpack vacuums on the inside are keeping the indoors clean. There is nothing new about both of these portable tools to help keep a building look smart and professional.

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These highly portable units are basically just a canister vacuum that is strapped to the user’s back instead of being dragged behind on rollers. The clear advantage is that these units are self-contained Geb√§udereinigung Einbeck. Since the power source is also on the user’s back, there is never a tripping hazard in the area that is being cleaned. Another clear advantage is there is no backtracking because of the power cord. This way elevators, escalators, and stairwells can be cleaned better, quicker, and most efficiently than with a canister or upright vacuum.

While most of this style of vacuums is made for industrial use, there is one on the market being promoted as the first home backpack vacuum unit. This is the VX2000. It is being marketed as a light weight alternative to the canister vacuum.

The total weight of this new unit is a mere 9 pounds. It comes standard with a 1100-watt, 9.1 amp motor that produces 115 CFMs. It has a four level filtration system which includes a micro filtration media that has a total of 925 square inches of filtration surface area. The noise output at its maximum level is only 68 decibels.

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