Getting Started With Ice Hockey Equipment

New to Ice Hockey or thinking about starting? You will probably be very surprised to learn about how much gear you will need to be able to play hockey. The bottom line is that there is quite a bit of required gear. Most of it is to ensure your safety so to skip and of the important pieces. Here is a quick overview of the main pieces of ice hockey equipment that you will need to play the game.

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Hockey skates are the most important piece of equipment to get the best match for your feet and your wallet. If you have poor skates, you will struggle to skate well and you will fight the skates while you are on the ice. Spend the time and money to find a pair of skates that fit right from the first time you try them on at your local hockey shop. It will still take you a couple of weeks to a couple of months to get the hockey skates broken in to your feet and vice versa but starting with the best fitting skates will make this process go a lot quicker Hockey News.

Next up is your first hockey stick. Even though there are tons of choices, stick with a basic model that doesn’t have any extreme blade curves or is super stiff when it comes to the flex rating. Get an inexpensive wood model and have the folks at the hockey shop fit it to you can cut it before you leave the store.

With skates and stick in hand it is time for all of the defensive gear and there are a lot of pieces that you will need. The list goes like this: shin guards, hockey jill or hockey jock, hockey pants, check guard, elbow pads, gloves and a helmet. In most recreation leagues a full face shield is required on the helmet but some allow visors or no face protection at all. You will save a lot of bruises if you wear your protective equipment on when you are first learning to skate. You will need a few undergarments such as skate socks and an undershirt (a t-shirt will work fine). Thinner is better on the skate socks. For other clothing you will need a pair of hockey jerseys, a white one and a dark one, and hockey sock for the outside of your shin guards.

As you can see, there is a large number of items that are required to play ice hockey. Most of these items are for your protection. Don’t skip wearing any of them, especially when you are first starting out and playing with other brand new hockey players. The other very important thing to do is to get equipment that fits properly. If you have any doubts ask the folks at your local hockey shop and they will get you set up properly. Good gear will keep you safe and in the game for a long time to come.

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