Gratitude Thoughts Are One Answer to What Causes Happiness

Gratitude thoughts are one of many answers to what causes happiness. When it comes to life, there is one absolute guarantee. It is that you will face challenges. You will be pushed, prodded, afraid, stressed, saddened, angered, and heartbroken. You will face and feel failure, rejection, vulnerability, criticism, and loneliness. There will be times where you feel life is too hard and you are too insignificant. You may fall into the horrible trap of negatively comparing yourself to others or ask debilitating questions like ‘why do I have all of these problems how to write a cause and effect essay?’

Be aware that every thought has a counter thought, and every negative emotion is sending you a message about an issue that does have a solution. There are numerous strategies a person can use to overcome an issue. However, there is one activity that is a much better option than having to find a solution. What if you could train yourself to have a continually evolving positive mindset? The majority of your challenges are not really challenges, but problems with your perspective. There are many tools used to create a positive mindset, but one of the most simple and effective is the daily practice of developing your gratitude thoughts.

How many people do you know (be sure to also consider yourself) who out of a day where ten or more positive events have occurred will dwell on the one or two criticisms or setbacks they faced. In fact, they will dwell on the criticisms or setbacks so much that they will struggle to even remember one of the positive events that had occurred.

By practising the development of your gratitude thoughts on a daily basis, you will start to train yourself to be able to enjoy and recall more of the positive events that occur each day. It is also a very simple process. All that is required, is that you either at the time of the event, or later in the day write down an experience that you enjoyed and feel grateful to have felt. It could be anything! The feeling of a breeze, sunset, a kiss, a particular food, music, a show, receiving a smile, the beating of your heart, your ability to smell, solving a problem, whatever you like. You could even end up writing gratitude essays.

Writing gratitude essays would intensify the process even more. Each time you do this, you are creating and strengthening new positive emotion generating pathways in your brain. By noticing and appreciating some of the positive events that occur in your day, you will begin to understand the difference between optimism and pessimism and thus begin training yourself to develop a greater optimism towards life. One of the benefits of optimism is as your optimism increases, you will find yourself being less affected by the power of negative events. You may also find that the negative events of your life do not occur as often as you once believed. There really are so many gratitude thoughts you could begin generating right now!

Creating gratitude thoughts and gratitude essays. Exercise: Obtain a journal and for one week write down the first 3 things you remember about your day at the end of each day. At the end of the week, review what you had written and give yourself a happiness rating out of 10 for the week. Then in the second week, at the end of each day write down at least 3 things that you are grateful for (write down as many things as you can think of and do not worry if you repeat yourself on different days). After writing down each thing you are grateful for, spend a minimum of 30 seconds reliving that experience as vividly as possible in your mind. Then at the end of the week, give yourself a happiness rating for that week. Compare the differences between the first and second week. If you enjoy the gratitude reliving process, continue to do it as often as you can, preferably everyday. If you want to intensify the experience further, begin writing short gratitude essays at the end of each week summarising and incorporating as many of your gratitude thoughts as possible.

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