Fat in the Face – How to Lose Face Fat and Show Off Your Natural Features

The first step to losing fat from the face is to increase your water intake, not only does water help your body flush out toxins process and digest foods but it will also ramp up your metabolism allowing your body to burn more fat as well as acting as an appetite suppressant. With all these benefits get chugging.

Cut out alcohol and high sugar foods for good 송파스웨디시

If your really serious about shedding those extra pounds and the fat around your face you have to face it your not going to get there eating everything you love. If your skeptical just try it for a few weeks it may be torture but you will get some great results and your body will adapt and help you burn fat quicker. Humans are designed to crave sugars and high fat foods because they used to be so rare in the wild but now its so readily available we can eat it to our hearts content. Just pretend your a caveman and your next big sugar fix could be a delicious piece of fresh fruit.

Facial massage to lose face fat

When was the last time you had a facial massage and not one of those gentle face rubs but a proper facial massage to get all your muscles loosened up and really get in there and strengthen them up. Your face has muscles like every other part of your body and needs attention to stay firm and if you don’t look after face muscles they will eventually loose there elasticity. Remember to take it easy for your first facial massage it can be quite painful for inexperienced facial muscles.

Weight Loss Creams to get rid of face fat

Fat in the face can be very stubborn and I have used quite a few of those slimming creams packed with all sorts of different ingredients. White tea, vitamin e, anti aging magic ingredient but for me the most effective cream was a carnitine cream. Carnitine is a natural amino acid with the role of converting fat into energy and I find when using this cream regularly it helps to tighten fat around the face. Remember to read the cream label, not all creams can be used on the face and test your tolerance to any cream by dabbing a little on your arm then examining 30 minutes later for any rashes or allergic reactions.

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