Fat Burning Furnace – The Truth Revealed

Rather than a claim, the promise of the weight loss eBook Fat Burning Furnace is very real. Skepticism of course is a normal reaction given the fact that the internet is teeming with similar books making similar promises. However, all it takes is a closer inspection and you will soon realize what separates the real deal from the wannabe.

In this article, the finer features of the Fat Burning Furnace by Rob Poulos will be tackled. If you want to discover a revolutionary weight loss system that really makes a difference, and also why it makes that difference, then read on. There is nothing to lose really, only something to gain.

To start with, this eBook is a bestseller. And to be a bestseller on the net is a testimony in itself that Rob Polous’ system works. Why? The internet is a vicious place for fakes! Haters will gnaw at you from left to right. But the Fat Burning Furnace is different. Not only did it manage to survive the highly competitive world of e-commerce, but it also garnered positive comments worldwide.

Alright, so it is a bestseller. Now it is time to look a bit into what the book has to offer. One of the things that made this weight loss guide a success is its unique and life changing exercise method called the HITR or High Intensity Resistance Training. It is designed to jump start your body’s metabolism and keep it on hyper status all day long – that turns you into a fat burning furnace, thus the title of eBook.

And as its name suggests, it is a type of work out that puts your muscles on high intensity exertion. So unlike goody-good exercise routines that Sonus Complete only lets you exert within your comfort zones, the HITR method lets you go beyond. But how is that good? Here is the catch: with HITR, you only need 15 minutes a day to achieve the same results as spending hours on the gym. Enticing huh?

However, it needs to be emphasized that the Fat Burning Furnace is more of a diet book than a workout guide. Yes, the high intensity resistance training developed by Rob Poulos is amazing on its own. But to achieve revolutionary and life changing results, you also need to commit to a specially designed diet plan.

The main points of Rob Poulos’ diet plan is 1) get enough nutrition, 2) never go hungry (now this is a big plus), and 3) be able to actually eat a lot! Sounds unlikely? Well, it worked for hundreds of people so it is unthinkable it will not work for you. Given of course that you follow the guidelines correctly, this diet plan will boost the effects of the HITR exercise.

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