Basic Fungus – Nails 101

Why on earth is the problem of fungal nails getting so much publicity? Is it because people have all of a sudden become infected and need help as soon as possible? Is it because people are self diagnosing and finding that medical professionals are totally missing a diagnosis?

Or is it something more, sinister or underhand?

Unfortunately I think it is predominately number three…the underhand movement that is freaking people out.

I will explain a little bit later. But who am I?

I am Dominic Hough, a Chiropodist/ Podiatrist (a foot care professional) who has been treating various foot ailments for over 8 years now. Having worked in the UK NHS in clinics and hospital setting I have seen a lot of foot pathologies…some mild and many severe.

The patients that came to see me sometimes came with their own “information” about their perceived condition. Usually they found it online. Now this didn’t always happen, but when it did we always followed it up by reading the extended information that was from the source website.

I then did my own research, checking websites that included all the common conditions. There were thousands, literally.

Out of the websites that we found, most were affiliate sites created by a marketer, or by someone who was part of the general public and was writing about their “new and secret cure”…followed by an affiliate link. The rest were created by medical professionals but they did not get into the top pages of the search engine that I was using.

I always liked the affiliate linked sites because the marketer always, and I mean always, copied the source company’s text. So after after a while of searching through websites you came across the same copy.

Out of the websites, the following were common headlines:

– cure fungus toenails in 48 hours
– instant cure
– secret home remedy that cures nail fungus
– contains powerful antifungal ingredient [none stated because they don’t know what it is]
– 2 weeks to see the difference
– use all through the day
– 100% guaranteed

Now a bit of background to a fungus.

They are a fungus, which is different to a bacteria which is different to a virus. Therefore antibacterial soaps will not do anything to a Fungus Clear fungus. Expanding this, fungus therefore have a different structure and a different way of reproduction and a different way of eating.

When a fungus gets into a toenail they are usually dermatophytes- they love to eat the units that make up the skin and nail. Our feet are usually kept nice and damp and also they are kept in the dark (within shoes or socks). They spread around using hypae- strands which bore into structures. So when you cut a nail it has that “moth eaten” appearance.

Why the big toenail is affected more than the others is in debated. Might it be because it can be traumatized more readily and constantly over a period of time? No-one really knows.

Now the toenail itself has no blood supply getting to it. The matrix from where the nail grows from does, so therefore if the actual nail is broken or injured it can only be replaced when the nail regrows- gets “pushed out”.

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