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If you are willing to learn online marketing of websites then you will go through this term “backlinks building” again and again. No website can progress without backlinks. In simple words, backlinks are the links directed to your website from other websites. For example, if a website visitor visits a site and clicks on a link to get more information and he comes to your site through this link so in this case, this link has acted as a backlink for your site. The more relevant, quality and natural backlinks that a site has, the better would be its search engine ranking and the site will be able to get its targeted traffic.

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There are certain requirements for backlinks building process to be advantageous for a site such as the site from where you are getting backlinks should also have relevant content and high search engine ranking what are backlinks and how do i get them. If sites only have links and links to other websites and no useful information then the backlinks from such sites will not be able to generate good traffic for your site because search engines disregard these sites. Search engines simply ignore these “backlink farm” sites or in some cases may also knock down the ranking of your website.

The process of backlinks building is used by website owners in the shortest time to get better ranking but dozens of backlinks building for a site in the same time and from the same IP will be marked as suspicious so these false tricks of backlinks building should be avoided. Website owners played many tricks to improve their search engine ranking and search engines also used number of algorithms to detect these tricks. In the beginning, website owners get results from their tricks but finally these tricks are always caught by search engines. So backlinks should not be build artificially by these “backlink farm” sites but should be built over time by a sensible backlinks building process.

Building quality backlinks is crucial to get good search engine ranking and so a major step in SEO. There are many ways to get quality backlinks for your site such as article submissions, directory submissions and participating in forums and blogs. Starting with directory submission, you can submit web pages of your site to famous directories such as Yahoo, MSN and DMOZ. The acceptance or rejection of the submission of your web page to these directories depend upon the content of your pages. Your pages will be checked by editors manually and they won’t approve anything that is not relevant to your category or is junkie.

Article submission is the second most important way to get relevant, quality and natural backlinks. Ezine Articles, Idea Marketers etc are famous article directories where your article has to pass editors table for approval. Participation in forums and blogs is another way to get good backlinks building for your site. Constructive discussions will help you to get more useful backlinks building for your site. Once you are in the process of quality backlinks building, your site is ready for the search engines.

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