Rude Awakening

After the winter of discontent it is quite understandable why many embrace the coming of spring. From Republicans screaming and name calling to emails that display a continued disregard for a nation and a media circus captivated by a candidates every move it is no wonder then we look forward to when there will be some semblance of order in our every day lives. But, as I reflect on this particular spring the circle of ones life is spinning over very rough terrain. The perpetual rhythm of time is the only one constant reality.

It is at this time of year when spring blossoms that mankind should marvel at the majestic beauty that is still in our world and reflect on what we continue to do. It is so sad that too many times in the past it is not the grandeur or beauty of this world that moves mankind but an emotional will. An emotion that is so primal it overwhelms the virtuous side of man. Through-out history there have been those whose thirst for power and glory have forged great and lasting destinies. And, yet too many the tyrannies of conquest have always left plightful remembrances of just how savage mankind can be.

It is now a sober reality of this spring as in previous years the world is witnessing the steady increase of what has been done to the quality and sanctity of life. Some would call this progress. But, it is only an illusion. Deceptive engineering by the powers that be. The tight grip of power continues to hold firm while the impoverished multitudes continue to wither and die on those vines of lost opportunities. It is at this time of year though that mankind should awaken and realize that all the technological marvels of the age the progress that we have made has actually moved humanity backward.

There have been warnings for years now that a day of reckoning is fast approaching. An economic and financial juggernaut of calamity poised to strike even more terror onto this world. The United States is on the very edge of leading the world in falling down into the cataclysm of financial ruin. The hand writing has been on the wall and yet our government is actually to blind to see what they have done that has brought the world to the brink of disaster. Oblivious to the facts that have amounted to unconstitutional bindings either financially or economic that has positioned the US to be so precariously close to be just another once great nation that soon will be another statistic of empires that have fallen.

As in years past most notably during the 1930’s when America was in their darkest hour society as a whole was more sedate more prone to be more charitable. Over the decades though there has been a sociological shift in our society. We are now more prone to be more agitated in the face of such adversity. Agitated to the point of not just public demonstrations but more violent overtones that will ignite even more violent reprisals in an attempt to suppress such public outcries. It is bad enough today that through-out not only in the United States but in many countries we have people in positions of power and control who use their position to garnish even more power from which wealth flows.

A rude awakening is already here. Unsuspecting millions whose life is about to change. And, for one Horace Mann his world has already been shaken. Some in positions of government Horace is just another statistic, collateral damage of trade policies when in reality millions like Horace are one of the reasons px7 primal flow reviews why the United States is faced with such economic and financial devastation. With a system that is rigged right from the start for those of humble beginnings there is virtually no chance of climbing let alone reaching the ladder of economic mobility. It is always the Horace Mann’s of the world that are pawns, sacrificial lambs of power hungry elitists.

Now, after years of political posturing in which the US leads the world is income disproportion that rude awakening is imminent. The wealth imbalance has tip the scale accelerating America’s chances of falling into the abyss. When the Williams Theory Of Economic Evolution is no longer attainable as we are witnessing today especially in the United States it always accelerates the debt of a nation. Today, the US national debt far exceeds the total value of the entire economy. What is more deceptive is the government continues it’s illusion to the public of being financially prudent when in fact our debt has reached a level never before witnessed in history. By continuing the illusion of solvency the US refinances our debt now by billions of dollars more every week.

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