Facts About Steel Producer Listings For Investors

Being a steel producer is an excellent career choice, especially for those who are in need of skills that will enable them to either work directly with steel or indirectly through a steel company. Many people work as steel producers throughout their entire lives. Others start out as machinists and later pursue careers in welding and production and other areas involving heavy equipment. Others choose to become sales and marketing managers for steel producers, eventually selling and marketing different steel products. Some get into the consulting business, helping producers and companies develop new steel products.

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There are many job opportunities available in this industry. One can be a machinist, a welder or an engineer. All of these can be found in almost all steel plants throughout the United States, as well as Canada and South America. There are also several thousand positions in the United Kingdom alone for steel positions including everything from a forklift operator to a structural engineer. The largest producers, such as Canadian Steel, New Zealand’s Rockwell, and Krones Inc., produce the vast majority of the steel in the world nha khung thep. Steel jobs are available in a wide range of industries including transportation, construction, marine, and utility.

Table 1 provides the names and states of manufacturers for the United States as well as Canada. It also provides data on the amount of finished goods produced by each steel company each year. The two types of steel include cold rolled steel (rolled) as well as hot-rolled steel. Cold rolled is known for its ability to bend without breaking. Hot rolled is not as durable as cold rolled but both types are extremely malleable and can be made into the most intricate shapes.

In the United States, the top five largest steel producers are Philadelphia Steel, hesis Inc., New Jersey Steel Company, US Steel, and Freestanding Manufacturing Corporation. The six largest steel producers in Canada are Canadian Steel Corp., Irving Place Industries Ltd., Canadian National Steel Commission, John Deere Canada Inc., Toronto Electric Industries Ltd., and Quebec Polytechnic Institute. The eighth largest steel producer in the United States is US Steel Group. The tenth largest steel producer in the world is Krones Incorporated.

The two tables provided to provide an overview of the top five global steel manufacturers. The products and services they offer can also be found by clicking on the appropriate tabs. Tables 2 through 4 offer more detailed information on individual companies. Data on the most popular steel types and production rates for these products can be found by going to the appropriate tabs. Tables 5 through 9 provide cost comparisons between various steel producers. The most recently updated economic environment and climate factors affecting steel production can be found in the last two tabs.

This report was prepared using the Global Sources of Crude Steel Output (GCSOW), which is a compilation of data from the worldwide suppliers of this vital commodity. The report can be downloaded free of charge from the web site of the World Wide Web. It contains links to the web sites of the nation-specific largest producers of crude steel. By downloading the GCSOW file, you are allowed to use the data to check your eligibility for steel market access in the nation. If you are a foreign investor, you can also download the complete set of tables and associated data for accessing the nation-specific biggest suppliers of crude steel.

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