Remove Those Annoying Bed Stains With a Bed And Breakfast Cleaning Service

One of the most important components to having a healthy and comfortable night’s sleep is to remove stains from your mattresses. Stains are caused by juices, oils and fluids that get tracked into the mattress over time. These fluids can include food, drink, drinks or other liquids that we spill on our beds. Because we move our bodies all of the time while we are sleeping, there are even more fluids tracked into our mattresses from our clothing and bedding. These fluids soak into the mattress and cause it to become dirty and damp.

Kilmore Mattress Steam Cleaning - Mattress Cleaning

When a mattress begins to have this type of odor, it is time to begin mattress cleaning. One way to remove this odor is with steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is the process of cleaning using high temperature water and high quality industrial steam cleaners. It is an effective way to clean your bed because of the high temperatures used to kill any bacteria or germs. Steam cleaning has many advantages over a home method of cleaning mattresses почистване на матраци фирма.

Hot water cannot penetrate as deep as cold water and is not nearly as effective. The particles from hot water are unable to be transported through the fine hair like the particles from cold water. Hot water will only remove the surface stains and will not remove deep-seated stains. Soap residue left behind after the soap is used is a common stain that remains behind after soap is no longer used. This soap residue makes it difficult for the mattress cleaning solution to penetrate deep enough into the mattress to remove these stains.

Water based mattress cleaning solutions are able to penetrate deeper into the mattress and lift up trapped soil and grime causing the stain to come out. It is also able to lift up and lift out odors from the surface of the material. It is easy to determine if the stain is being lifted from the surface with a simple test. Take a clean damp sponge and dip it into the cleaning solution and allow it to sit on the surface of the mattress for thirty seconds.

If the sponge lifts up the odor and then drops off after thirty seconds the mattress you are using is not of the highest quality. A low quality mattress should have little or no odor at all. You can tell if your bedding needs a cleaning by looking at the underside of the mattress. If the bedding is dark with a very distinct odor, then the bed is tooiled. If you see a light brown spot in the center of the mattress, then this is an excellent quality mattress and you should consider purchasing from this manufacturer.

If the odor is still present after performing the above steps and the bedding has not been in use for more than a week there are likely problems with the fillings inside the mattress. Call a professional Bed & Breakfast so they can perform a complete analysis and recommend a replacement. If the padding was changed recently, it may need to be replaced before the odor is removed from the bedding.

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