Zimbabwe – The House of Vibrant Cities

Zimbabwe is one of the major countries in Africa and is located among South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia. Zimbabwe got its independence in 1980 from the British colonization. This event is considered as one of the major events of Africa that positively affected the continent. The country is divided into 5 major regions and each region is equally popular among international tourists.

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Matabeleland region is the western part of the country that consists of Bulawayo and the great Victoria Falls. Lake Kariba and the Lower Zambezi region house many national parks such as Mana Pools National Park. Mashonaland region houses the most important part of the country i.e. Harare, the capital city. Similarly, Eastern Highlands region is a mountainous area that holds Mutare as a major city. Last but not the least Southeaster Zimbabwe region is the most beautiful part of the country in term of nature https://luxurylifehomes.com.

Zimbabwe has beautiful cities and each city is considered one of the best traveling destinations. Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls are three most famous cities of the country due to their natural and manmade beauty


Being a capital, Harare is chiefly involved in all economic and financial activities of the country. Most of the tourists’ start their Zimbabwe trip from Harare due to its international airport called Harare International Airport. Getting around the city is as easy as getting cheap flights to Harare. Its newly developed infrastructure makes it easy to travel around the city. National Gallery, Civic Centre, national Botanic Garden, the Mukuvisi Woodlands and the Kopje are some must visit places in the city. For shopping lovers, strolling in open flea market at Mbara would be the best activity to do.


Bulawayo is the second largest city after Harare and is located South-west of the country. It’s a beautiful city with plenty of attractions to offer. If you really want to know the cultural history of the region then Bulawayo offers you the Natural History Museum, Bulawayo Art Gallery, Railway Museum, Kame Ruins, Mzilikmzi Art and craft Centre etc. Bulawayo has a sub tropical climate with the average temperature of 30 degree C in summer and 20 degree C during winters. The city houses a number of hotels ranges from simple to luxurious so you should stay in the city for few days to explorer each and every part of the city.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is located in western side of the country along the Zambian boarder. Victoria Falls has an international airport that operates some of the leading airlines such as British Airways and South African Airways. Both of these airlines offer cheap flights to Victoria Falls from Johannesburg. The Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is the main reason of its international popularity. In addition to great Victoria Falls, the city also offers you some most vibrant activities such as sunset cruise, helicopter ride and adventurous safari etc.

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