Learning the Bulgarian Language – A Way to Master It

Bulgarian is a Slavic language with rich melodiousness that uses the Cyrillic alphabet. To learn this alphabet is one of the many difficulties that people experience when learning it. However, once seen the beauty of the language, it will enchant you forever.

The Bulgarian language

Bulgarian has had quite some time to develop – from 860s to nowadays. There are four main historical periods in the language progress: Prehistoric period, Old Bulgarian, Middle and Modern Bulgarian. The first Bulgarian alphabet is called Glagolitic and was created by the two brothers Cyril and Methodius in the 850s. They are still cherished in Bulgaria for their work. As the Glagolitic was quite complicated to write easily, the alphabet is simplified and later substituted by the Cyrillic. The last major change in the Bulgarian alphabet, that formed the modern Bulgarian was made in the 1945. The change was the removing of two letters which made the number of letters in the alphabet a round 30.

How to learn it

There are several basic techniques that can help you learn the Bulgarian language easily. Let’s see 5 techniques:

1. Take responsibility by yourself

What I mean is that the best way to learn is when you have inner motivation to do so. Going to a course won’t help you at all  Language of desire unless you have made the decision to learn, to give your best and to invest some of your time into that. The task will look amazingly different, when you do it with self motivation and desire.

2. Learn regularly

The most often you practice the better. Don’t keep away from the study too long, that will make you forget things and will decrease your desire to learn. Try to give some time to the learning progress each day. If your day is busy, then just have 5 minutes for rehearsing phrases that you already know, try to use them in your daily life. Only by practicing you can make enough mistakes as to learn the language… which lead us to:

3. Allow yourself to make mistakes

Making mistakes is the best way to learn. When you make a mistake and take some time to realize it, then you are sure you will not repeat it again. Feel free to make mistakes, learn from them and finally become a master. That’s how it works!

4. Don’t skip the basics

Every language has some very fundamental basics. Give them enough time. Don’t learn by heart, just make sure you gave them enough time and that you really understood them. Learn the alphabet really good, check out the sentence structure better, understand the genders of nouns in Bulgarian, etc.

5. Practice as much as possible

Only by practicing you can make enough mistakes as to learn from them. Practicing will help you learn and understand the basic and fundamental things in the language. Make as much exercises as possible. Enjoy them as solving crosswords or puzzles. It is fun!

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