Diet No More

Two months ago I listened to a women, Geneen Roth, on Oprah Winfreys show who addressed women’s compulsiveness with food. She states we are obsessed with food – in eating too much to not eating enough. I watched the program then ran out the next day and bought her book “Women Food and God” (talk about compulsive behavior). It has been over two months now and I have just opened the book. Geneen Roth’s book supports the idea of not dieting ever again. Throw out our ideas about diet along with our diet books, diet recipes, and all that diet brainwashing.

My whole life has been surrounded with a diet lifestyle and all of the latest diet fads for the year. I have tried every means in the world to loose weight. In the 60’s and 70’s it was easy to find a doctor to write you prescription’s for weight loss. I just recently found out that people are still getting shots from pregnant women’s urine. I tried this diet fad in the 70’s, the hormone shot from pregnant women’s urine – how desperate is that. The fasting diet I tried for 21 days straight, some people fast way into three to six months. The lemonade fast is another which people push off as a cleansing drink of maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemons – this is a cleansing but is used purposely for losing weight. A doctor put me on a prune diet, it consisted of eating 6 prunes along with water for two meals, and eating only one meal a day. Throughout the years I have tried the traditional weight loss programs as Weight Watchers, Jeannie Craig, Nutrisystem, Herbal Life, Atkins, The Zone Diet, LA Weight Loss, Mediterranean Diet, Overeaters Anonymous, and many more. Of course you can’t pass up the The Lost Book of Herbal advertisements declaring weight loss through their carbohydrates/fat blockers, hoodia pills, protein powders, cookies, oatmeal muffins, slim drinks, and other supplements. I have food plans from various programs calculating calorie intake, carbohydrates, fats, sodium and sugar intake. For all the plans, documentation and calculations I had to maintain, you would have thought I was a bookkeeper. Don’t forget the cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, and hospital diets claiming weight loss of 7 to 20 pounds within days. My eating plans changed from total vegetarian meals to eating nothing but meat from the book – Eating Right for your Blood Type.

For forty years my eating and dieting lifestyle has been manic. What is the message I have been telling myself and relaying to others with this caotic lifestyle. It is not only myself that has experienced this merry-go-round, it is my four children who I took for the ride. They will interpret their own experience and may or may not be affected. How different is food and diet from any other addiction of alcohol, drugs, and gambling. In my view, there is no difference with my addiction of food and dieting than a person struggling to stay clean from drugs or alcohol. I have not lost my family, job, and friends but I could have easily lost my life.

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