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Live Football Scoring is very important to any fan. Not only does it make it easy for them to follow the game but it also provides them with the opportunity to participate in discussions on forums and to share their opinions about certain matches. Live Soccer is the most watched and regularly updated professional league in the world. It’s the second most attended league in the entire world, second only to the NFL. With the popularity of the leagues around the world there are various governing bodies governing these different divisions. The governing body for the Ligue 1 A, B and C leagues are the Ligue Internationale de la Ligue (FIFA or the FFR)

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Each league is divided into three divisions; Ligue 1, Ligue 2 and Ligue 3. There are two divisions in each league, with the top two teams advancing to the playoffs. Each team plays all other teams in their respective division twice, once in the apertura season and once in the Clausura season. The playoffs are usually held once every four years, with the previous season being an all-important promotion tournament to qualify for the next season. The promotion/relegation tournament determines which team will be playing in the Ligue 1 at the start of the Clausura season.

In the Ligue 1 B and C the top two teams are awarded the Clausura title, while the other division has the Premiers title KQ Bong Da. The Ligue Internationale and the FFR are entirely separate entities; the FFR is the governing body for the entirety of the Ligue Internationale schedule while the Ligue 1 B and C carry out the qualification process based upon the results of their respective league. As with the NFL, the holders of the Ligue 1 titles are permitted to compete in the Clausura tournaments, as they are the official carriers of the rights to broadcast the matches. The FFR has sole authority over the schedules of the Ligue 1 tournaments, having final say over who qualifies and who does not, as well as the list of participants for each tournament. This power and authority are shared between the Ligue Internationale, the French Football Federation, and the CFFF.

The Ligue Internationale or the French Football Federation is the governing body of the game in France and is divided into two conferences. The Ligue Internationale includes the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakiaak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The highest division within the Ligue Internationale is the Ligue Sud and consists of the following countries: Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Uruguay and the United States. The next level up in the ranking is the Ligue Elite, and this comprises the following countries: Algeria, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Peru, Real Madrid, Saint Etienne, Spain, South Africa, Thailand and the United Kingdom. These are not the only tournaments available however, as there are several qualifying tournaments available for the respective countries. The World Cup is the most prestigious event in the rankings and sees teams from all over the world competing for four titles, with the European and Super League Finals featuring the English and Spanish top teams.

The U21 league is an interesting development in that the qualification process can be directly affected by the results of matches, meaning that teams can struggle for a place if they fail to score against stronger opposition. The U21 league also features promotion and relegation periods, with the relegated teams receiving a reduced budget and many fans calling it a fake competition due to the lower standards. Unlike the Ligue Internationale and the U21 league, qualification for the UEFA Cup and UEFA Champions League includes a second round Robin van Persie slot, which means that the Dutchman will start this season in goal for his country.

Other countries have had their own breakthrough moment in the rankings, with the rise of FC Barcelona and Manchester United leading the way. Both teams have been widely tipped to win their respective championships, which has seen them progress to the knockout stage, although Manchester United has seemed to perform better in the finals. Barcelona, meanwhile, have made a complete overhaul of their team and recruited world-class players such as Brazilian superstar David Luiz to complement starlets like Van der Vaart and substituted stars like Michael Essien. This has been enough to give the Catalans an excellent run and although they will not challenge for the title, there is no doubt that they are favorites to win the league and the treble of the European Cup. Their form has been good throughout the season and they look capable of retaining their crown, although PSV Eindhoven and Ajax have provided stronger competition.

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