This Importance of SEO – You May Kill Your Website Without Proper SEO

A common mistake among Realtors is the belief that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an afterthought. This kind of thinking is somewhat like a homebuyer purchasing a tract home with the thought it can always be moved to a more prestigious location. The problem with this thinking is that it is not always easy or cheap to move a house and without SEO in your basic design you may kill your Website’s chances for success.

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SEO is the Foundation of Your Website
Websites, just like homes, start with the foundation and as you know, not all foundations are alike. The foundation or structure for many template Websites is based on a design element known as Frames. It is called a frame because that is what it does. It serves as a frame for another Web page. With this Web design element a site may look like it has a great deal of content when in reality all it has is a frame that is used over and over to link to many other pages that, in reality, reside somewhere else. A structure like this is not something that can be overcome. In other words, internal SEO cannot be effectively added to this type of structure unique weed pipes.

The Role of Web Content
Imagine a city with an array of tract homes set up in a grid formation and a smaller, more luxurious section with a few unique custom homes on curving, tree-lined streets and tell me where you would rather live. Now, think of Websites like tract homes and custom homes and imagine which sites the search engines are going to like better. Remember all major search engines tell us they do not like duplicate content. Is it any wonder that they choose the custom real estate Web designs over template sites that are full of duplicate content? Content really is King online.

Upkeep Is Vital
A home that is well maintained will usually sell faster and for a higher price than a similar home with chipping paint, leaky pipes and a weed infested lawn. Search engines view a Website that hasn’t changed in years the same way homebuyers view that home suffering from deferred maintenance. What search engines do like are Web pages that are up-to-date and well cared for..

What You Can Add On
Possible idea that SEO is something you add to your Website once it is set up comes from awareness of what is known as External SEO. The elements mentioned above are all part of what is known as Internal SEO; that is, they are part of the site’s structure and content. External activities can and do occur after the site is created and all these external efforts are designed to lead to one thing: Backlinks. As you may know, a backlink exists when some other Website links to yours. Search engines evaluate the links coming into a Website and if they like what they see, it can cause them to give the site a higher value and thus a higher placement in the index. While this is a part of SEO that actually can be added later, backlinks alone will not propel a poorly optimized Website to page one for any kind of competitive keyword phrase.

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