Garden Hose Storage in the Well-Planned Garden

How you store your garden hose might seem like something of very limited importance in the grand scheme of your garden – and taken literally, it is. But it could also be a significant indicator on how you think about your garden, the way it is planned and the way you do things in it. Let me explain:

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When I am invited in to see a garden somewhere – it could be my neighbour asking me over – one of the things I tend to notice is the garden hose. What – I hear you say – is that all about? well, you see, it is often a tell-tale sign of what kind of gardener the owner of the garden is. It is not in any way completely conclusive, but it seems that people who tend to let their garden hoses just lie around somewhere, are also quite relaxed on other points that have to do with gardening. Now, there is nothing wrong with being relaxed – after all, having a garden should certainly result in some relaxation now and then – it is merely that these things seem to go together. It might be that the lawn is regularly mown, but really could do with having its edges trimmed, or the weeding seems to be done a bit sporadically. That sort of thing. Then there is the opposite camp. These people have everything sussed and in perfect order, and the first sign I see, is a garden hose rolled up nicely on a hose reel somewhere – or I don’t see it at all. Then I notice how nice everything else is, and again – more often than not – these things just go together Gartenhelfer.

What is my point here? You might not have all the time in the world to tend to your garden. You may be content to mow your lawn when needed, and to keep your flower beds reasonably good-looking, and that is of course good enough. For many people, the garden is more of a place to hang out and relax, than to go overboard in “extreme gardening” so to speak. But there are a few things you can do to give things a bit more polish without having to do lots more work. You can organize things a bit. When I talk about how the first thing I notice in a garden is the garden hose, it proves the point that first impressions last. If I see your garden hose in a heap somewhere, it will affect my impression of the garden as a whole. Hardly fair, but there it is. What do you do? Clean things up a bit of course. Not just your garden hose, but it is a good example, so let us stick with it. Garden hose reels are one form of garden hose storage, while so-called storage pots are another. What you do is not really that important, as long as you get that hose off the ground and properly stored. An extra benefit of doing this, is that your water hose will last longer too.

What you have now done, is to give your garden a chance of its own to be judged for what it is. It may not be a work of art, but it could still be a nice, cozy garden – with not much work.

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