Popular Types of Asian Massage

When it comes to popularity in the field of massage therapy, the Oriental types of bodywork techniques are never slack in giving clients the best results from relaxation to therapeutic benefits. The people of Asia are more into alternative health care as compared to the people in the other continents. This is true as seen on the evidence found on the scrolls, caves, and places where these people of various nationalities in that continent had left writings, drawings, and paintings depicting the practice of such body manipulation techniques.

Asian massage has been around since the ancient times as it has been used in the remote villages of many countries in the continent as their primary source of medical care. It has been utilized by many healers as a principle and practice of natural relieving the condition of a patient in need of healing and recovery from his or her health issues.

Today, there are many types of massage that are originally developed from the various countries of Asia. And because of constant tourists going to many different places, the massage techniques have been scattered and taught all around the world. Nowadays, you can see massage therapists in America conducting a Japanese Shiatsu or other therapies that are not locally developed Asian Massage in new york. It is a good sign that all types of therapies that are largely contributing to the medical society are being accepted and embraced by the public.

Below are some of the most popular and commonly asked for Asian therapies at any massage spa all around the world:

Acupressure – it is a technique closely resembling that of acupuncture without the use of the thin, long needles inserted on the meridian points of the client’s body. China has been one of the most productive countries in Asia when it comes to the field of massage therapy as it has developed many different types of therapeutic and relaxing massage therapy such as acupressure.

Shiatsu – originally developed in Japan with the intentions of healing a patient through the balancing of energy or Ki with the use of meditation and hands-on technique, Shiatsu has gained international fame due to its efficacy and success in addressing various health problems.

Thai Massage – a local medical care of Thailand which had quite a few controversies on its history, Thai massage is one of the most soothing yoga-like techniques that will really squeeze out the best in you. It is also called as the “lazy man’s Yoga” due to the fact that the client does little effort or involvement on the transition of postures during the therapy session. Stretching, pulling, bending, and compression while meditating and keeping a proper breathing pattern are the techniques used for this form of bodywork.

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