What Does Jack Mason Do?

“The DaVinci Code” is a highly controversial book that takes on one of the most famous questions in the world: what does Satan do? The book’s author, Lawrence Parks, claims to have the answers. He claims that Satan is nothing more than an ordinary average middle-aged man who lives a simple average life with no special powers. Satan is a common man, Parks maintains, but he wields tremendous power through the Devil’s influence. It is this influence that allows the Devil to seduce innocent women, hire hit men to murder people and perform other questionable activities.

What does Jack Mason do? He does not answer these questions. He does not even give you the answers in the book. The entire premise of the book is that one must draw their own conclusions. This is a very disturbing concept, particularly when you consider that most of mankind has accepted answers to all kinds of questions from religious leaders and other authorities throughout the ages, without question or doubt What does Jack Mason do?.

What does Jack Mason do? He draws the conclusion that the answers are obvious and necessary. He does not dispute the fact that the Devil is powerful or says that man cannot defeat the Devil. Instead, he tries to explain how the Devil uses deceit, trickery and influence, all of which are readily available to anyone willing to use them. For example, one of the most popular movies of all time features a young girl who eagerly believes that her father will bless her and take her on a journey into the” Wilderness,” only to find that her father has told her that she is to stay at home and not go on the” Wilderness” at all.

What does jack mason do when confronted with evidence that he has been wrong about important things? He ignores the evidence. Instead of examining the situation, he ducks and dodges and produces fanciful justifications for why he is wrong, often justifying his actions with reference to the Devil, his “great white lie” as it was called in his day, and other fanciful explanations that are designed to confuse and misdirect the attention of his followers. He seems to be afraid that if he stands up for himself, his followers will turn on him.

What does jack mason do when his life is threatened? He tries to bargain with God to save his life. Instead of using his God given talents, he uses his man-made talents in place of those gifts. For example, instead of using his knowledge of arithmetic to shoot a deer with a bow, he goes to the woods and try to figure out how to make a time bomb by using math formulas.

What does jack mason do when his family is threatened? Instead of doing what is expected of him, he kills his only remaining child to spare his family’s lives. Instead of helping his family to flee to safety, he throws them into the Mississippi river, where his other family members are drowned. Instead of telling his story so that man can learn from it, he puts his mask on and drives his truck through the river, killing two more people and injuring a dozen more before finally surrendering to authorities. What does jack mason do when God threatens him? He runs away and moves to Oregon, to wait for God to solve his problems, but God never does.

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