Business Birthday Greeting Cards – Ideal For Showing Appreciation

An excellent way to show customers your appreciation for their patronage is by sending them a birthday greeting card. These business greeting cards may be purchased in bulk at a local office supply or stationary stores, which allows you to always have plenty of cards when you need them. Although you can include your printed signature, make the extra effort to sign the personalized cards by hand, even if you enlist the help of an employee. Doing this shows your customers how much you value their business; it is many times the personal touches that transform a once-only customer into a repeat one. It is a way to build customer loyalty anthropologie birthday coupon.

Birthday greeting cards for businesses can be paired with a giveaway coupon for a freebie or discount on a future purchase in order to make it extra special. You can also mail a cup, mug, or other promotional item along with the card if you want to make the greeting all the more thoughtful. If you can not afford to do this every year, consider sending one of these items once your business reaches a level, such as on your company’s 10 year anniversary or when you exceed a sales goal. Of course, you can mark their birthday with these gifts for no reason in particular.

Your company’s birthday cards do not necessarily need to be fancy. Even simplistic, plain greeting cards complete with a short message can do the trick. You can even design your own cards if you have extra time or help, making them a lot more personal. However, be advised when deciding to recognize the birthday of any customer, you should first tell them why you are requesting their birth month and date–to send a yearly birthday card that may occasionally include a coupon or special offer. You do not want to force them to hand over their birthday information without an explanation as they may feel you are invading their privacy when an unexpected birthday card arrives. This is a possible way to lose business. So if a customer does not feel comfortable supplying you with their birth date and month, you should not back them into a corner. Do not turn a positive business move into a negative one.

If you are searching for a customer birthday acknowledgment alternative, you can instead mark the occasion of your company’s birthday, or anniversary, and still use it as an opportunity to send a card to your customers. This is a fantastic way to thank them for their continued customer loyalty as well as recognize their importance to your business. Doing this allows you to avoid privacy invasion and builds good will.

For those who own an internet based business, an online company birthday card is the more appropriate choice. Just like with print cards, online cards can still be simple and straightforward while achieving the same goal. And of course, including a discount, redeemable coupon, or free item should always be considered as it will not only be a gift you can give your customers, but also an effective method of showing your appreciation in a budget-friendly way.

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